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History of the 21st Century

Written in the form of narrative fiction but based on carefully researched futurology, A History of the Twenty-First Century tells the story of the century we have just begun. It covers the future of science, the environment, family, economics, politics and war and much more

Private Down Under

An international bestseller co-authored with the world’s biggest-selling author, James Patterson. With the best detectives in the business, cutting-edge technology, and offices around the globe there is no investigation agency quite like Private. Now, at a glittering launch party, Private Sydney throws open its doors. Craig Gisto


The race for the search for the breast cancer gene. Co-written with science writer, Dr Kevin Davies.

Einstein – A Life in Science

"An unqualified success." Literary Review "A superb introduction to his scientific work, the clearest and most accessible I have read. After countless books explaining relativity I felt for the first time that I had begun to understand the theory." J.G Ballard, The Daily Telegraph "White and Gribbin's