Darwin, A Life in Science

“A remarkable biography…Provides a new look at the man who gave us the natural-selection theory of evolution.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“A solidly readable introduction to Darwin’s life and ideas.” The Oregonian

“Provides a wealth of information, both biographical and scientific…will help the reader to a better grasp of scientific thought…Supporters of any theory will come away enlightened and better able to debate after reading this thorough work.” Anniston Star

“Solid and quite readable…admirably fulfills the nonspecialist’s needs…clarifies the meaning of Darwin’s theory.” Kirkus Reviews

“Excellent…illuminating.” Virginian-Pilot

“Makes good use of the large body of information now in print to fashion a nicely balanced account of Darwin’s personal and professional lives.” Science

“A fascinating book.” Roanoke Times

“The sections tracing development of concepts concerning evolution and related religious ideas are well done.” Publishers Weekly

“Excellent…touches all the essentials of Darwin’s life and science.” Booklist




Collaboration, Non Fiction


Collaboration, Non Fiction