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Author: Michael White

My Favourite Character

Everyone has a favourite character from a book they have read. Well, I have a favourite character I have created in one of my novels. His name is Pius and he is an orangutan who appears in my new historical thriller, THE VENETIAN DETECTIVE.


He first met Hannah through an advertisement in the local newspaper. He had no income so he used the last of his savings to advertise for a Saturday job. He did this just before his parent's telephone was cut off for non-payment. Two men had rung


When they were first married they would go on long picnics in Epping Forest. That was before Nigel and Kate were born. The summers always seemed to be hotter in those days. People said that it was just their memories painting a brighter picture, but

Future Historical Novels

I sometimes wonder what historical novels of the future will be like. What would a writer a hundred years or a thousand years in the future consider an interesting aspect of the world we are living in and how would they slant it?