In the lead up to the two great wars of the 20th century, anyone with any awareness of the world around them knew that violence was coming. It must have felt as though the planet was moving inexorably towards the precipice and that no one could stop it. It must have seemed to those living in 1913 and 1938 that whatever anyone did just made matters worse. The leaders of the world were all, perhaps subconsciously, conspiring to open up the cracks in the earth and to let Hell bubble up like lava.

Does this sound at all familiar?

We do not face war. Not many people believe that within the foreseeable future there will be a world war such as the ones through which past generations lived and suffered. But, economic ruin, Depression is every bit as devastating as a physical war. Bombs are replaced with bonds and unstoppable bullets by unpayable bills. But the outcome is not that different…people suffer, children starve, lives are ruined, many are snuffed out altogether.

Just as in 1913 and 1938, we seem to be talking ourselves into global ruin. It’s almost as though we want the worse to happen. Perhaps it’s all about some sort of collective subconscious guilt…we’ve had it good for a while, now it’s time to lacerate ourselves, flagellate our bodies like those who exist on the outer limits of some religions.

Every day the news gets worse, but I try to find some indication that intelligence will prevail, that for once humanity will pull together to avert a disaster that will damage all of us, especially the weakest. But, each day, I find this hope receding. And you know why? The most complicit in this lead up to a virtual Third World War is the global media machine. Within their bounds you will find no good news, for only the bad stuff sells….Hack that!

Michael White

December 2011.