Leonardo | The First Scientist

“In his forceful new biography, British science writer, Michael White accomplishes the impossible: He makes Leonardo da Vinci’s work as a painter beside the point.” Dina Temple-Raston, USA Today

“Leonardo: The First Scientist makes an excellent case for Leonardo’s era-straddling…Leonardo’s spirit is present in White’s careful scholarship and independence of mind…The diversity of White’s talents might have given him a personal insight into the polymath nature of his childhood hero’s genius. Remarkably, he does so without going over the top, and even takes time to deflate some of the existing hyperbolic folklore Leonardo inspires.” Ted Dewan, the Times Educational Supplement.

“Lively and illuminating.” Miranda Seymour, the Sunday Times

“White’s scientific expositions are lucid and interesting.” Hilary Spurling, the Daily Telegraph

“Because of the quality of writing and White’s ability to attract and interest the reader, making science sound exhilarating – even for those of us who like our Bunsen burners well and truly off – this promises to join White’s list of best-sellers.” Nuala McCann, Irish Times




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